Q/A Magazine Subscription Issues

Q/A Magazine Subscription Issues

Q: I have a membership, but I haven't received an issue of the magazine. Why not?strong>

A: This is usually caused by one of two reasons:

1) You have moved and need to update your address in our database. Please fill out this form or call 1-866-584-6589.

2) Your membership has expired. Since many memberships are gift memberships, or were purchased years ago, members often don't remember which membership was purchased or when it expires. Please contact us at NESA@Scouting.org to check on your membership status. Send all available information to help us find your record in the database, including your Eagle date, troop number, and any previous addresses. If you still have an old issue of the magazine, include the member number above your name on the address label.

Last revised November 17, 2017