Family Programs

Family Programs

While the primary purpose of the Philmont Training Center is to host conferences, the opportunity for families to join their Scouter and enjoy a wide range of family programs is what makes PTC unique.

Programs are planned for all members of the family—infant through adult. Family members enjoy a staff-led program of hiking, tours, handicrafts, games, campfires, and outdoor activities. Family program groups meet while conferences are in regular session.

Family members will be joined by others in their age group and will participate in a carefully designed, age- and ability-specific program under the leadership of trained, experienced staff. Groups are arranged by age:

Nursery —Infant to two years old
Small Fry —Children aged 3-5
Cowgirls —Girls aged 6-7
Cowpokes —Boys aged 6-7
Ropers —Girls aged 8-10
Deputies —Boys aged 8-9
Sidewinders —Boys aged 10
Mustangs —Girls aged 11-13
Trailblazers—Boys aged 11-13
Broncos —Coed aged 14-20
Silverados —Non-conference adults

Babysitting is not available, and child programs are not available at other times. If both parents are taking a conference, the demands of the conference schedule may make for some difficulties. It is not recommended that parents of Nursery or Small Fry children both enroll in conferences because these ages are "parent-intensive."

Children must participate in the family programs or be under the supervision of a parent and may not attend conference sessions with a parent. Children who are ill are returned to their parents. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated. Children who are disruptive are removed from the program. If poor behavior continues, parents are asked to remove their child from the premises.

Family groups may be combined if registration is low, or split further if registration is high. Schedules may vary due to group size, weather, or other factors at Philmont.

Some spending money, canteens or water bottles, rain gear, and a day pack large enough to hold all their gear will be needed for each person participating in family program activities.

Each family program group will participate in activities designed with the age and ability of the family member in mind. For pony and horse rides (All riders are required to wear long pants and close toed shoes).