Online Training

It's easier when you know what you are doing

Training to meet your councils needs!

If you need training "on demand" the SAF has created online training videos for use by NESA and PowerPoint presentations to help you.

Missed an online webinar? We've got those, too! Just click any one of the recordings of the past online webinars and you will quickly be brought up to speed.

Training Videos

For Council Alumni Database Administrators

  • Set up Alumni Administrator Landing Page
  • View/Update Alumni Profiles
  • Archive/Delete/Merge Alumni Records
  • Querying Database and Exporting Reports
  • Email Alumni
  • Batch Importing
  • Scouting Alumni Network Quick Tour
  • Add Council Patches to Alumni Profiles
  • For Council Alumni Committees

    • NESA Instructional Cartoon 1
    • NESA Instructional Cartoon 2
    • Publicizing Council NESA Events


    For Council Alumni Database Administrators

    For Council Alumni Chairs

    PowerPoint Presentations

    For Council Alumni Database Administrators

    To request a specific training or to learn more contact NESA.



    NESA training programs are designed to be comprehensive and feature not just alumni relations training for councils, but also provide continuous education opportunities for individual alums.
    -Ryan Larson, Associate Director of the National Eagle Scout Association