Sample DESA Presentation Script



The trail of the Eagle Scout is never over, but from time to time, we do pause on the trail for a very special tribute. We are privileged today to be presenting the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. This prestigious honor is given to an Eagle Scout who has uncommonly demonstrated his commitment to making our community a better place to live, and to achieving career and life success. It is rarely presented; in fact, only one in every 1,000 Eagle Scouts has been awarded this high honor.

We are privileged tonight to have an opportunity to bestow this special award to one of our own. The recipient will join the ranks of some well-known Eagle Scouts—only eight men have been so honored from our council. They are listed in your program, but we are blessed to have two of them here with us tonight. It is my honor to introduce to you distinguished Eagle Scouts Jack Jadel and Dr. Robert Bonow.


Douglass T. Biesel became an Eagle Scout on December 6, 1972. As you will read in our program tonight, Admiral Biesel has distinguished himself and brought honor to Scouting and the U.S. Navy with his warmth and care as a very visible public figure, and with his career achievements. He is, indeed, a role model for all Scouts—and all Eagle Scouts. Will council president John Landgraf and council Scout executive and CEO John Mosby please escort Admiral Biesel and Mrs. Biesel to the stage?

[Landgraf and Mosby walk Admiral Biesel and his wife to the stage.]

We are proud to convene this National Court of Honor at this time, and so I call on my fellow distinguished Eagle Scout Jack Jadel to begin the award ceremony.


Thank you, Bob.

By the authority given to me by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, I now declare this court of honor to be open and in session. It is my special privilege to present a resolution from the National Eagle Scout Association.

Whereas, Douglass T. Biesel earned the rank of EAGLE SCOUT as a member of the Boy Scouts of America 36 years ago, on December 6,1972; and

Whereas, as an Eagle Scout he has continued to serve God, his country, and other people by following the principles of the Scout Oath and Scout Law; and

Whereas, he has achieved distinction as a naval officer; and Whereas, he has given distinguished service to his community and nation as rear admiral, U.S. Navy; commander, Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, Washington; first commanding officer, Kitsap Naval Base, Maine. He completed sea assignments aboard USS Lapon, USS Michigan, USS Annapolis, and a command tour aboard the USS Philadelphia, during which time the ship was awarded the Commander, Submarine Squadron 12 Battle Efficiency “E” Ribbon and Meritorious Unit Commendation. Rear Admiral Biesel is a recipient of the defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (two awards), Meritorious Service Medal (five awards), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation medals (four awards), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and numerous personal and unit awards. He has volunteered service to the community as a member of the Kitsap County Chamber of Commerce, Washington member of the Economic Development Council, Kitsap County, and served the youth of his community as a member of the Kitsap County Board of Education, and as a volunteer through the Boy Scouts of America; and having received numerous awards and recognitions; and

Now, therefore, in recognition of these and other achievements and the desire of the Boy Scouts of America, upon nomination of the Northeast Illinois Council acting on behalf of the Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America, the honor and rank of DISTINGUISHED EAGLE SCOUT is awarded to and conferred on Rear Admiral Douglass T. Biesel.

[Landgraf puts the medal around Biesel’s neck.]

[Mosby presents a floral bouquet to Mrs. Biesel.]

[Jadel and Bonow lead applause.]

[All return to their seats except Rear Admiral Biesel; he exits the stage and stands near Jim Neubaum.]