Steve Fossett (entrepreneur)



J. Stephen Fossett

Earned the Rank of

Eagle Scout

As a member of the Boy Scouts of America 40 years ago, on December 21, 1957; and

Whereas, as an Eagle Scout he has continued to serve God, his country, and other people by following the principles of the Scout Oath and Scout Law; and

Whereas, he has achieved distinction as a corporate officer and adventurer; and

Whereas, he has given distinguished service to his community and nation as chairman, Lakota Trading, Inc.; having set various world records in ballooning, sailing, and racing; board of directors, The Jimmie Heuga Center; board of governors, Opportunity International; board of trustees and student affairs committee, Washington University; fellow, The Explorers Club and The Royal Geographic Society; honorary member, the Adventurer Club; Philmont Scout Ranch committee member; chairman, Northern Tier High Adventure Committee; national advisory council member, board of directors, and past advisory board member, Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America; and having received numerous awards and recognitions; and

Now, therefore, in recognition of these and other achievements and the desire of the Boy Scouts of America, upon nomination of the Chicago Area Council acting on behalf of the Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America, the honor and rank of


is awarded to and conferred upon him.

In testimony whereof, the Boy Scouts of America and the National Eagle Scout Association have caused this commemorative document to be signed by its officers and its corporate seal hereunto affixed.