DESA Presentation Guidelines


The presentation of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award to a prominent citizen in your community provides an excellent opportunity to focus attention on Scouting, as well as on the recipient. The presentation should be planned to achieve maximum publicity and visibility.

Since the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award is not presented at a Scouting function, it is important that the council cooperate in full with the local community or business association to which the recipient belongs and through which the presentation will be made.

This is a national award presented by a local council. Presentation should be made at a meeting or dinner with the recipient’s peers. The presentation should be dignified and the main focus of the event. It should not be tied on to another program such as a Silver Beaver dinner.

Plans should be made well in advance for public relations coverage including trade or professional print media.

Following are elements the ceremony should include:
  • Inspirational, patriotic opening.
  • Explanation of the award.
  • Introduction of special or honored guests.
  • Recognition of the recipient’s family members present.
  • Reading of the citation, pointing out the recipient’s contributions to the community, his educational, professional/vocational background, and how he has distinguished himself.Presentation of the engraved plaque by a representative of the local council executive board.
  • Presentation of the medal by a distinguished Eagle Scout (if available).
  • Response by recipient.Inspirational closing.