Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Honoring Eagle Scouts at the Local, State or Regional Level

Eagle Scouts do amazing things ...

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) was established during the BSA's 100th Anniversary in 2010 with the first recipient to receive the award a year later. The award was created to recognize notable Eagle Scouts who had either performed distinguished service at the local, state, or regional level or who were known nationally, but had not yet met the 25-year tenure as an Eagle for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. Often, worthy candidates for the NOESA have inspired others through their actions and have devoted a lifetime to their profession, avocation, community, and beliefs, at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. 

The NOESA has gained prominent standing among Scouting recognitions. Previous recipients include famous authors, explorers, television personalities, military flag officers, scientists, government officials, and prominent businessmen.

The selection of recipients is made by the local council NESA committee (which may utilize a NESA awards sub-committee), Scout executive, and council president.  Each recipient's actions and accomplishments should elevate the stature of Eagle Scouts in the public eye. Therefore, not all nominations are acted upon, and a substantial percentage of nominations are declined.

Our goal with the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award is to recognize Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a significant impact and have inspired others closer to home.
- Glenn Adams, Vice-President of the National Eagle Scout Association


  • The nominee must be an Eagle Scout in good standing with the Boy Scouts of America and must either be registered with or have their primary residence within the boundaries of the nominating council.
  • No length of time is required to have passed since earning the Eagle Rank.
  • The council should retain the actions and accomplishments that led the nominee to be considered for the award, although it is not required to include with the nomination form submitted to the National Eagle Scout Association.
  • Nominations must be sent to the National Eagle Scout Association by the council (an individual may not submit the form) for consideration. Those selected will be added to the list of NESA Award and Recognition Roll.


  • Each council NESA committee may present two NOESA honors per year, with the option of awarding an additional NOESA for every 100 Eagle Scout Awards or fraction thereof in excess of 100 awards certified the previous year. Unused quotas will be forfeited in the following year.
  • The nominee should not be informed of the nomination, and presentation should not be scheduled until NESA has returned the NOESA credentials to the council.
  • Approval is based on the date the application is received by the National Eagle Scout Association.
  • The award may be presented at a meeting of the recipient’s peers or a Scouting function. Presentation should be made within the council submitting the nomination and, whenever possible, by a previous recipient of the award. It is appropriate that the award is presented as part of a fundraising activity.
  • Upon verification and receipt of the nomination, the National Eagle Scout Association will return a laser-printed NOESA certificate and special knot device/lapel pin to the Scout executive. Please allow two to four weeks for turnaround time.


NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award Nomination Form  (157 KB, PDF)


Certificate; Blue ribbon with medal; Outstanding Eagle device worn on Eagle Scout knot; Outstanding Eagle lapel pin.


Certificate (provided by NESA), Knot device (provided by NESA), Lapel pin (provided by NESA), Ribbon with medal (614640). Extra lapel pins and devices available for purchase at www.nesastore.org.

Call the National Supply Group Main Number 1-800-323-0732 to purchase ribbon with medal


Presentation Guidelines
Sample Press Release
Sample NOESA Presentation Script
Contact the Vice - President for Awards and Recognition or National Eagle Scout Association for additional inquiries.


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