Q/A Reference letters


Q: What are the procedures to get reference letters?

Those who wish to be considered for the NESA STEM scholarship are the ONLY applicants who need to submit a reference letter.

When completing the scholarship application, STEM applicants will input their reference provider's email address in the form. After the reference provider email address has been inputted and the applicant clicks "Save and Continue Editing" at the bottom of the form, an invitation and login instructions will be emailed to the prospective reference provider. 

We recommend that you notify your reference provider BEFORE submitting their name and email address. This allows them to contact you in case they did not receive the reference letter invitation.

The References tab will indicate whether your reference request is still pending (Requested) or has been completed (Submitted) by the individual whose name and address you provided on the STEM Application.

If the individual has not replied, you may resend an invitation (using the References tab at the top of the page) to the individual or add additional references on the STEM application. Ask your reference provider to check their junk folder if they do not receive it immediately. If resending the invitation doesn’t work, you may ask the provider for a second email address. Some email providers are friendlier to requests from the AcademicWorks system than others.

You only need one reference letter to apply, but it is acceptable to contact multiple references to ensure that at least one responds before the deadline. If you contact multiple recipients you MUST select the preferred reference provider in the dropdown box under the reference question.

Be sure to select a reference letter with “Submitted” status. The system will automatically default to the last provider you contacted. If that reference provider did not respond, then the system will default to a reference request that is still pending.

This is a tool that allows students to select the ONE reference letter they wish to submit, and by submitting multiple requests it will assume you do not want to submit the letters you have already received.

Because the majority of applicants wait till the deadline to apply, reference providers who had little time to respond by October 31, will be granted additional time to respond. Reference providers must reply by November 15.

Therefore, it is imperative that the Scout contact reference providers early in the application process to ensure that they have enough time to respond.

Last revised September 29, 2017