Q/A Troubleshooting Username/Password Login issues


Q: How do I login if my username/password won't let me sign in to the scholarship application?

The NESA scholarship application is separate from the Alumni Network, My.Scouting.org, and Scoutbook. Your credentials for those entities are not transferred to the NESA scholarship application and if you use those usernames and passwords they will not work.

Also, you do not need to log in to the community to access the application. The application is viewable to the public and does not require a special member number or access to the Alumni Network to apply.

Common login problems

Make sure you’re logging in at the correct site -
  • If you’ve lost your password, click the “Sign In” button, click “Trouble signing in”, then click the “Recover Password” button. If you have an account it will send a reset password link to your email address. Be sure to check your junk folder.
  • You may have started the application using another email address. Check all email addresses.
  • You never created an account. Click the gray “Sign Up” button and try to create a new account. The system will alert you if the account already exists.

Last revised September 29, 2017