Building Character Celebration - Eagle Dinner and Reunion

2019 Building Character Celebration

Suburban Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, Michigan 48374

Eagle Scouts, Venturing Scout Summit and Sea Scout Quartermaster award recipients are the honorees for the evening. Their meal is covered, which means they are 100% free. All they need is to be registered for the event.

Scouts, Parents, Leaders & Friends

Parents, leaders, and friends of the honored scout are more than welcome to attend as guests for the event. The guest fee is $40.00 (per person) which includes dinner. Due to the nature of this event, there is no guarantee that you will be sitting with your Eagle Scout, Venturing Scout or Sea Scout. Each scout will be paired up with a mentor prior to the start of the event whom they will sit next to during the entire program. Our goal is to help foster a positive role model opportunity whom they can look to for future advice and guidance in their chosen field. Click here to Register your scout today.

Photo Opportunity

Eagle Scouts, Venturing Scout Summit, Sea Scout Quartermaster Award, NOESA recipients will also have an opportunity to have their picture taken. The council offers this normally for free at the council service center throughout the year. Prior and during the evening, scouts will have a chance to have their photo professional taken. These photos are displayed at the Dauch Scout Service Center all year. Please note, additional fees may apply depending on the additional packages being offered.

Benefits of Being a Scout Mentor

A Scout Mentor recognizes the achievement of the Eagle Scout, Venturing Scout Summit Award, and Quartermaster Award recipient by:

Contributing a $100 will help cover the dinner cost for the Scout and mentor.

Attending the dinner and sharing their profession with the honoree while fostering future conversation about their goals and career path. If not present, secures a mentor so no Scout is left without on for the evening.

Inviting a Scout to visit your place of business is encouraged but optional. This will give each Scout a firsthand experience of their future career. Please assure that the Scouting Youth Protection (No one on one contact) is planned prior to the scout’s arrival at your business. One rule of thumb, if the scout is under 18, a parent or guardian must be in attendance and all e-mail conversations are copied to the parent while you are planning the day visit.

Several companies host larger day visits for more scouts to attend, these allow for larger groups and offer a unique experience. Some have spent the day at a local radio station, automotive company and supplier and others spent the day working a audio visual company. This option has steadily grown of the past few years. If you see this as an option for your company, contact Denver Laabs at, he would be happy to help you make the arrangements and send out personal invites to your company.

We would like to secure a mentor for each honored Scout. To do so, we need an estimated 250 sponsors. You can help make a difference and set a tone for future success in this honoree life.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

The following event sponsorships are being offered to cover operating and support costs: Click here to Register.

$5,000 | Distinguished Eagle Sponsor
Full-page color ad in memory book, featured in press releases, featured prominently on the Great Lakes Field Service Council website, prominent recognition during event, 5 adult career mentors & 5 Scouts at front table with table signage.

$2,500 | Quartermaster Sponsor
Full color page recognition in memory book, featured prominently on the Great Lakes Field Service Council website, event recognition, 4 adult career mentors & 4 Scouts at a table with table signage.

$1,500 | Summit Sponsor
Full color page recognition in memory book, event recognition, 2 adult career mentors & 2 Scouts at a table with table signage.

$1,000 | Silver Palm Sponsor
Full-page recognition in memory book, event recognition, 1 adult career mentor & 1 Scout.

$500 | Gold Palm Sponsor
Half-page color ad in memory book, 1 adult Career Mentor & 1 Scout.

$250 | Bronze Palm Sponsor
Half-page color ad in memory book.

$50 | Scout Spirit Sponsor
Parents and Family call out in the Memory Book (Personal business card size message to the Scout(s) from the parents, family, friends and leaders).

$40 | Parents, Leaders & Friends
Parents, leaders and friends are invited to attend as guests. Fee includes dinner.

We do appreciate all your support with this very special event to celebrate Scouting’s highest award recipients. Click here to Register and be a part of this years’ celebration.

To register for this event please use the following link: