Mix Fix at Cole Canoe Base an Adult Service

Mix Fix at Cole Canoe Base an Adult Service
Friday, May 18 -  20th, 2018 1356 E Greenwood Rd, Alger, MI 48610

Mix Fix at Cole is a weekend service to camp. Many of the major projects planned around this weekend, all to prepare the camp for another successful year. We have several building projects taking place this year. We could use anyone with skills in carpentry, electrical, and roofing. We will have many projects going on, from large to small. Meals will be provided from Saturday morning at 7:30 am through Sunday Morning. The cost is nothing to attend, please plan to tent camp due to limited bunks on the property. RSVP with Co-Chief, Bill Kamman at billkamman@yahoo.com, Co-Chief, Mike Morrison at morrisonmaint@gmail.com or Camp Ranger, Dave Grey at David.Gray@Scouting.org.