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Family Affair

Scouting's highest honor is best shared with other generations of family members. Join NESA in celebrating the families of Eagle Scouts shown below. Recognize the Eagles in your own family by completing the form found at nesa.org/eaglefamilyaffair.

Agay Family
St. Joseph, Mich.
Joseph A. Agay (2012) and Milton A. Agay (1980)

Anderson Family
Strongsville, Ohio
David James Anderson (1976) and Thomas David Anderson (2012)

Basile Family
San Antonio, Texas
Joseph Basile (2001), Anthony Basile (2012), Bartholomew Basile (2004), and Daniel Basile (1998)

Bergquist Family
Cincinnati, Ohio
Chip Bergquist (1976), Justin Bergquist (2012), Alex Bergquist (2011), and Frank Moser (1926; not pictured)

Bezouska Family
Des Plaines Valley, Ill.
Top Row: Dr. Michael Bezouska (1984), Anthony Bezouska Jr. (1969), Anthony Bezouska Sr. (1946), and Thomas Bezouska Sr. (1946). Bottom Row: William Bezouska (2001), Charles Bezouska (2010), John Bezouska (2005), Dr. Thomas Bezouska Jr. (1969), and Robert Bezouska (1973). Not pictured: Norman Bezouska (1944).

Briesemeister Family
Kenosha, Wis.
Scott C. Briesemeister (2007) and Adam H. Briesemeister (2001) Adam, 25, was awarded the Honor Medal with Crossed Palms when he passed away on March 1, 2012, saving the lives of three others.

Brown-Kempton-Lochbrunner Family
New Orleans, La.
PFC Ean Christopher Hulitsky Lochbrunner (2010), Evan James Hulitsky Lochbrunner (2008), Donald Kempton (1939), and Erik Raymond Brown (2007)

Clark Family
Franklin, Ind.
Joe M. Clark (First Class; passed 1993), Jerry Joe Clark (1944), and Jeffrey Joe Clark (1979; passed 2006)

Curtis-Furniss-Kriewald Family
Fairfield, Conn.
Joseph Furniss (2007), William Kriewald (2005), and John Curtis (2011)

Detig Family
Garner, N.C.
Cameron Detig (2012), Jeff Detig (1983), and Ryan Detig (2011)

Eaton Family
Springville, Utah
Eric Eaton (1990), Adam Eaton (2013), and Don Eaton (1962)

Gupta Family
Katy, Texas
Anurag Gupta (2010) and Abhishek Gupta (1998)

Herzog Family
Elsmere, N.Y.
Luke Herzog (2010), Brian Herzog (2013), and Dr. Robert Herzog (1979)

Hickman Family
Columbia, Tenn.
John Hickman (1986), Waymon Hickman (1972, Silver Beaver 1978), Brigadier General Bill Hickman (1974), Distinguished Eagle Scout 2012), David Hickman (2010), Andy Hickman (2010), and Logan Hickman (1972)

Johnson Family
Asheville, N.C.
Lucas I Johnson (2012), Tony L. Johnson (2978), and Dakota R. Johnson (2010)

Keiffer Family
Rhinelander, Wis.
U.S. Coast Guard Cadet John Wyatt Keiffer (2010) and William Marshall Keiffer (2012)

Keller Family
Forest Hill, Md.
Robert Howard Keller (2007), Patrick Jay Keller (2009), and Thomas Franklin Keller (2012)

Klucar Family
Pottstown, Pa.
Jim Klucar Jr. (1989), Jim Klucar Sr. (Silver Beaver), and Zachary Klucar (2013)

Kraft Family
Glen Allen, Va.
Steven Kraft (1970), David Kraft (2012), Katie Draft (Gold Award, 2008), and Ryan Draft (2012)

Lyman Family
Huntsville, Ala.
Matthew Lyman (2012), Donald Lyman (1951), and Mike Lyman (1981)

Mann-McHugh-Michaud Family
Vernon, Conn.
Steve Michaud (1983), Jeff Mann (1986), Timothy K. Michaud (2012), Seanpatrick McHugh (2003), James E. Michaud (1979), and James A. Michaud (1954)

Millsap-Shuler Family
Greenville, N.C.
Lt. Col. Jacob C. “Jake” Shuler (U.S. Air Force, Ret.; 1953), 2nd Lt. Michael Lucas Millsap (U.S. Air Force; 2008), and Dr. Frederick W. “Bud” Shuler (1982)

Persinger Family
Clifton Forge, Va.
Ethan Persinger (2012), Greg Persinger (1975), and Kevin Persinger (1975)

Ritz Family
St. Johns, Ariz.
Don Ritz, Paul Ritz (1979), Steve Ritz (1983), and Ben Ritz (2009)

Simon Family
Overland Park, Kan.
Benjamin Simon (2013) and Richard Simon (1982)

Stern Family
Rosemont, Minn.
John Stern (1964), David Stern (2007), Jacob Stern (2011), and Samuel Stern (2012)

Treu-Whitney Family
Jefferson City, Mo.
William A. Treu (1950), John Treu (1981), Jack Treu (2012), William D. Treu (1979), and Trevor Whitney (1982)

Zwald Family
Durham, Calif.
Back Row: Greg Logan Zwald (2003), Samuel Andrew Zwald (2005), and Todd Walter Zwald (2009). Front row: Andy Walter Zwald (Scoutmaster Award of Merit, 2009).